SAUVéR Regional Car Sharing System for Electrical Vehicules
Electric vehicle car-sharing system for municipalities in the region
Several new projects announced

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Environmental and energy consultants

Founded in 1998 and incorporated in 2009, YHC Environnement is a consulting firm specializing in environmental and energy issues. YHC Environnement is also one of the first environmental and energy consulting firms in Quebec and Canada to develop in the early 2000s analysis tools in the field of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and plans to address the challenges of climate change.

Since its founding, YHC Environnement has also advised municipalities of all sizes, organizations and major companies in Quebec and Canada on issues related to the management, production, regulation and distribution of renewable energy.

Take advantage of our expertise as environmental and energy consultants


Concepts, Products and Startups

SAUVéR Project

Electric vehicle car-sharing system for municipalities in the region. SAUVéR is a fleet management system for vehicle sharing for municipal organizations and their communities.


Action-GHG is a website that presents progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric Service stations

The HUB electric service station (SSé-HUB) aims to create a place designed to evolve and provide the community with the necessary infrastructure to optimize the use of public transport and transport electrification.

Smart cities

YHC Environment and X-TELIA Group join forces to help municipalities make the transition to the Smart City and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental and Energy Consultants Service Environmental Expert Studies



Our environmental and energy consulting firm has built its expertise in finding practical, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to reduce emissions from human activities.


YHC Environnement helps municipalities benefit from renewable energy by building innovative and cost-effective projects for them and their communities.


Fleet management and sharing services provide tools that meet the needs of the community and reflect a change in mentality regarding the activities, environmental impacts and savings that these new services could generate in communities.


The accelerated development of renewable energy and their growing popularity have led YHC Environnement to collaborate intensively with the municipal community and recognized developers on a series of renewable energy production projects.

Urban planning

Our company is involved in the design, coordination and implementation of projects, both innovative and conventional and of small or large importance. We specialize in the development of renewable energy production and sustainable urban development (SUD).


YHC Environnement’s mission since its creation, is to

develop and apply new ways to improve

the state of the environment and the well-being of communities!

Our clientele

Developing the Smart Municipality of Tomorrow

YHC Environnement is involved in the design, coordination and implementation of innovative projects to develop the smart municipality of tomorrow. Our projects, experience and expertise have led us to become a developer of innovative projects and concepts that enable our clients and communities to address environmental issues by providing solutions for climate change challenges and to improve our resilience to their impacts.

Our clients are “champion” municipalities and organizations that, because of our expertise, experience and reputation, solicit and support our concepts and projects and allow us to prosper.

Environmental and energy projects and achievements

Improving the state of the environment and well-being of communities

Réalisations YHC Environnement Consultants en environnement et énergie
Reducing GHG emissions

GHG Project and GESEM Project - UMQ - AQME.

Réalisations YHC Environnement Consultants en environnement et énergie
AFMNB Climate Change Action Project

Greenhouse Gas Inventories (GHGs) and action plans for 17 municipalities.

YHC Environnement Abitibibowater de Beaupré
The former Abitibibowater site in Beaupré

Mandated by the City of Beaupré, YHC Environnement provided coordination between the various consultants involved.

YHC Environnement MRC de L'Érable projet d’éoliennes
MRC de L'Érable

Economic and technical studies on the construction of a 65 MW wind turbine project.

Réalisations YHC Environnement Consultants en environnement et énergie
Sharing electric vehicles with the community

The second SAUVéR project is now underway.

Car-sharing system with electric vehicles in the region

SAUVéR - Our customers make their point!

SAUVéR Système d’autopartage avec véhicule électrique en région
Fight against climate change

The undue role of municipalities in the fight against climate change is clearly established. Which is why Rivière-du-Loup is proud to participate in the Sauver pilot project – Système d’autopartage de véhicule électriques en région.

Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec
SAUVéR Système d’autopartage avec véhicule électrique en région
Sharing our vehicles with our citizens

Plessisville would like the Sauver project to arrive and to be done! We share our electric vehicles for the well-being of our population. We save our citizens’ money to be able to share a collective good for the benefit of all!

Plessisville, Quebec
SAUVéR Système d’autopartage avec véhicule électrique en région
Car-sharing is accessible to all municipalities in the region

In the aftermath of our action plan and initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) Nicolet is happy to participate in the electric vehicle car-sharing pilot project which will help give many communities in Quebec and Canada an alternative solution for the collective transport problem.

Nicolet, Quebec
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