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Renewable Resources

The accelerated development of renewable energy and its growing popularity have brought YHC Environnement to collaborate intensively with the municipal sector and renowned developers on a series of renewable energy production projects. It is through its clientele that our firm has developed its knowledge of the realities that are unique to every community, their needs and the aspirations that motivate them.

Our objective is to put our expertise, built throughout the years, to the service of urban or rural communities, to advise and accompany them in the implementation of projects of all sizes, and particularly for the building of new energy sectors that constitute one of the central elements in the sustainable development of communities.

Every renewable energy production project deserves to be thoroughly examined because it is the contextual realities that determine the usefulness of one sector compared to another. YHC Environnement is specialized, amongst other things, in the identification of opportunities no matter what renewable energy sector is aimed for:

Wind Power Energy

Wind Power

Solar Power Resources

Solar Power

Renewable Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

Renewable Biomass Energy

Biomass Energy

Thanks to our expertise in renewable energy production, ​​we apply ourselves in bringing to light the issues, in grasping opportunities, in clarifying technical difficulties and in managing concerns.

Wind Projects

MRC de l’Érable – 100 MW project: the Éoliennes de l’Érable
25 MW Community Project

This 100 MW project is divided throughout the municipalities of Sainte- Sophie-D’Halifax, Saint-Pierre-Baptiste and Saint-Ferdinand. The project’s zone is located approximately 15 km south-east of Plessisville, 23 km west of Victoriaville in the Halifax County near the County of Irlande. The initial operation of the project is scheduled for October 2012. Fifty latest generation wind turbines will be implanted of the selected site.

YHC Environnement was mandated by the MRC de l’Érable to accompany them in the procedures with the developer, the Enerfin Society, and other stakeholders for the realisation of the 100 MW project and the establishment of a 25 MW community project. In this project, YHC Environnement prepared a series of reports and analysis including the report delivered by the MRC during the BAPE public hearings.

The Éoliennes de l’Érable project was selected by Hydro-Quebec and currently under way.

Achievement 2008-2011

MRC of Brome-Missisquoi
Economic and technical studies on the construction of a 65 MW wind turbine project

YHC Environnement was mandated by the Brome-Missisquoi MRC for the analysis of a wind turbine project coming from a tender notice launched in 2005 by Hydro-Quebec Distribution and aimed at acquiring a 2 000 MW energy bloc.

The MRC called upon the services of YHC Environnement in order
to realise economic and technical analysis about the quality of the propositions made by a promoter. More specifically on the majority of the ins and outs of the case and on the lifespan of the project. These case studies and analysis have been realised in partnership with the S.M. International Group.

Achievement 2007

Municipality of Sainte-Louise 24 MW Community Wind Project

The proposed project, located on the Saint- Louise municipal territory, was composed of about 12 wind turbines entirely to be installed on private land hill crests.

YHC Environnement was mandated by the municipality of Sainte-Louise to accompany them in the procedures with the developer, Innergex, in the elaboration of an agreement for the realisation of a 25 MW community project.

In this project, YHC Environnement assisted the municipality of Sainte-Louise in the preparation of an agreement and a series of interventions with the MRC and the population.

Achievement 2010