Sustainable Urban Development (SUD)

Conceiving Sustainable Urban Development (SUD)

YHC Environnement works with conviction, rigor and vitality to favor the knowledge and application of the principles of sustainable urban development (SUD), in Quebec as well as in Canada. This concept advocates that the residential, commercial or industrial development of cities be done in harmony with the legitimate needs of communities and towards a more sane and sustainable environment. Our knowledge of the municipal sector, acquired throughout the years, as well as our expertise in energy and environment, allow us to offer cutting edge services for the conception of projects in SUD, whether they be for municipalities or any other organisations. Sustainable urban development offers municipalities the possibility to get a long term perspective and shape the needs of their community in matters of infrastructure and energy resources. In particular, the energy needs of residential sectors, as well as those of commercial and industrial zones, place municipalities in a key position to take in charge the management of production and distribution of the energy consumed of their territory. The relevance of this approach takes all its sense when the chosen source of energy is renewable. That is to say that the municipalities can position themselves as key actors in the emerging renewable energy production market. Indeed, they possess the necessary means to influence and shape in a significant matter the offer and demand for these types of energies and to determine future energetic strategies for their entire community. YHC Environnement offers its experience as consulting experts, for the conception and implementation of SUD projects. Our knowledge of regulations, funding programs and market opportunities are important assets in each step towards the realization of SUD projects:

• Economic analysis

• Business plans

• Funding preparation and demand;

• Management and coordination of projects