Regional Car Sharing System for Electrical Vehicules

SAUVéR Car Sharing System

Over the past few years, our work has led us to design several innovative concepts for municipalities and their communities.


The SAUVéR system is a tool that combines cost-cutting targets and provides public transit services for communities in the region using greener vehicles (all-electric vehicles (EV), plug-in hybrid vehicles (HV), hybrid vehicles (HV).

The SAUVéR system is a tool for municipalities, organizations, associations and businesses that wish to develop an alternative mode of public transport for citizens.

The SAUVéR system is a tool for all fleet owners of greener vehicles (EV and HV) who want to optimize the use of their equipment and or reduce its costs:

    • Municipalities
    • Agencies
    • Associations (for example, condo owners)
    • Businesses (e.g., building owners)
    • Citizens’ groups (e.g., residents of rental properties)

SAUVéR is a fleet management system for vehicle sharing for municipalities, organizations and businesses that want to optimize fleet management and offer a sharing economy. SAUVéR:

  1. Optimizes the use of fleet vehicles among employees and other potential users.
  2. Allows municipalities to share with their partners and citizens the use of vehicles.
  3. Allows municipalities in the regions with little or no public transit resources (taxi, buses, etc.) to provide an “individual” public transit service.
  4. Reduces the number of vehicles needed in a fleet.
  5. The integration of plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles that increase the economic and environmental benefits for owners and “external” users.

A SAUVéR forum has been created to answer your questions and share tips.

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